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Our charity arranges one-to-one tutoring for dyslexic children in the local area. The children attend Saturday sessions with fully qualified dyslexia tutors to build literacy skills and confidence. The sessions are offered at competitive rates. The club was founded over 28 years ago using Oldfield School in Maidenhead as its base, we have just moved to Forest Bridge School,  where it continues to be run by a committee of parents. The club organises learning for around 50 children each week. The club has a number of resources, books and information, which members can access freely.


Children with dyslexia can suffer from low self-esteem and poor self- confidence. Without appropriate intervention and support children can leave school without fulfilling their true potential. Given the right literacy support and guidance children can feel more confident at school and achieve their goals.


If you think that your child might benefit from joining the One-to-One club and you would like further information please email us via the Contact page. 


DAWMSB was established by parents and have since 1987 sucessfully run The Saturday Club, which was renamed The One to One Club in 2011. DAWMSB is a Registered Charity No: 1070083

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